Spiraling the Hundred Chart and Beyond

Now that I have a little more time on my hands, I decided to write up some of my spiral explorations so that others can more easily play along or use them in the classroom.

Spiral Instructions


Spiral Templates – 100 1 sheet

Spiral Templates – 100-4sheet

Spiral Template 1 to 196

Spiral Template 1 to 1089

Google Document Files:  Instructions   Templates


  • Because my school is not 1:1, I printed these out and had the kids use markers or colored pencils.
  • I have them start with the spiraled hundred chart (printed 4 to a page) to have them play around with patterns at first. This is also a good opportunity for them to test conjectures.
  • Connecting the numbers in the pattern adds another element of visual interest.
  • Students looking for an extra challenge can try a variety of quadratic patterns.  I usually have them put a function into Desmos or a graphing calculator and use the table.

Here are the pentagonal numbers done on the large spiral:Pentagonal.jpg

#NCTMRegionals Chicago Presentation

As promised, here are the slides and resources from our NCTM Regional session, “Stats Trumps Hate.”

I want to thank Carl Oliver for coming all the way from New York for the day and leading this presentation with me.  Carl, you are such an incredible human being, and you have so much awesome to offer the math educator community.  I am truly humbled that I have gotten to work with you so many times on this topic that is close to my heart.