Arooo to the #MTBoS

National Dog Day seems like an appropriate time to create a blog post using the photos I collected from #DogsOfMTBoS.  (You had to see this coming at some point, right?)

I find the love that people and dogs share endearing and also inspiring.  I recently created a Polygraph using photos of beagles.  I actually put some time into this and tested it with Sadie Estrella and her nephew.  There’s some quality craftsmanship in there for sure.

Alrighty!  Here they are, the Dogs (and a few cats) of the MTBoS!


IMG_20150730_000548 IMG_20150730_000554 IMG_20150730_000601 IMG_20150730_000619 IMG_20150730_001345 IMG_20150730_001925 IMG_20150730_054733 IMG_20150730_054804 IMG_20150730_054819 IMG_20150730_055405 IMG_20150730_055419 IMG_20150730_055429 IMG_20150730_061633 IMG_20150730_061817 IMG_20150730_081741 IMG_20150730_081750 IMG_20150730_082608 IMG_20150730_082611 IMG_20150730_082815 IMG_20150730_082822 IMG_20150730_082829 IMG_20150730_082836 IMG_20150730_082848 IMG_20150730_082901 IMG_20150730_082908 IMG_20150730_082918 IMG_20150730_083942 IMG_20150730_084005 IMG_20150730_084246 IMG_20150730_084252 IMG_20150730_103642 IMG_20150730_114652 IMG_20150730_114658 IMG_20150730_114704 IMG_20150730_114711 IMG_20150730_114717 IMG_20150730_121310 IMG_20150730_121320 IMG_20150730_121329 IMG_20150730_121342 IMG_20150730_121353 IMG_20150730_133201 IMG_20150730_144345 IMG_20150730_144619 IMG_20150730_153024 IMG_20150730_153027 IMG_20150730_181118 IMG_20150730_181121 IMG_20150730_181156 IMG_20150730_182358 IMG_20150730_185732 IMG_20150730_192525 IMG_20150730_192530 IMG_20150730_192536 IMG_20150730_192552 IMG_20150730_192557 IMG_20150730_192601 IMG_20150730_192605 IMG_20150730_192611 IMG_20150730_192613 IMG_20150730_192615 IMG_20150730_192648 IMG_20150730_201328 IMG_20150730_201440 IMG_20150730_201516 IMG_20150730_201523 IMG_20150730_201531 IMG_20150730_201949 IMG_20150730_203047 IMG_20150730_203051 IMG_20150730_214914 IMG_20150730_214925 IMG_20150730_223833 IMG_20150731_095656 IMG_20150731_095702 IMG_20150731_204022 IMG_20150731_204026 IMG_20150731_214959 IMG_20150731_223906 IMG_20150731_223909 IMG_20150731_225944 IMG_20150731_233043 IMG_20150731_235454 IMG_20150731_235743 IMG_20150801_073202 IMG_20150801_073231 IMG_20150801_081612 IMG_20150801_081616 IMG_20150801_154159 IMG_20150802_110805 IMG_20150805_205835 IMG_20150805_205839 IMG_20150805_205843 IMG_20150809_132632 Screenshot_2015-07-30-08-17-32 Screenshot_2015-07-30-08-18-20


Topper just wants to give you some love.





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