Looking the (Twitter) Past in the Face

My Twitter profile says that I have been an active member since 2009. Yet, I can only recall enjoying my Twitter experience more recently, like in the last few years. Twitter will let you download your entire archive, so I decided to do some analysis. It’s interesting to say the least. I recommend it.

My First Tweet: To my brother and very profound.

My first “Mathy” Tweet: Actually it was a “re-tweet” so I’m not sure if it counts.

Then I went through an awkward stage where I tweeted every time I would earn a sticker on an app called Get Glue. I would just tweet it to get the sticker. Now I have dozens of these random stickers from TV shows and movies. I mean, a Dr. Who sticker? Everyone knows I don’t watch that show! (But, STICKERS!)

I had some fun at the expense of celebrities from 2011-2013. Not my proudest moments, I’ll admit. I think I remember a response from Howie Mandel being a highlight whilst watching America’s Got Talent.

Fast forward to April 11, 2013 – the beginning of my real interactions with #MTBoS educators.

Discovering this was kind of a special moment for me because I recently got to meet her through her work with Math-on-a-Stick and TELL her this exact thing personally.

After that I tweeted, again serendipitously, to John Golden. He then tweeted this:

I (of course) didn’t tell him this at the time, but his response was the digital assurance I needed that the #MTBoS was a welcoming group of individuals. And it was then that my eclectic, quirky personality emerged on Twitter.


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