Catwalk Mystery

I wanted to quickly share an awesome activity that is usable in a variety of classes.  A website I use occasionally to browse teacher resources is TES.  This UK based site is a treasure trove of shared lessons and activities.  This gem, Amelie’s Fashion Mystery starts with a simple question:  Will Amelie make it to the catwalk in time?   Students work through mathematical clues in order to determine if this supermodel makes it on time to the fashion show.  The task requires students to utilize a huge range of math skills and is differentiated with two versions.   Thank you Jake Mansell for a great activity.  Here are the files:   AmelieFashionMysteryintroslideandvisibilitygraph AmelieFashionMystery(visibilityfromgraph) AmelieFashionMystery(visibilityfromformula) (1)


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