The Comfort of a Canine

Despite the summer sun and the endless stream of Netflix, last week was a tough week.  And when the going gets tough, the tough get…their dog.  Those two little 13-inch, tri-color bundles of joy always know how to de-stress me, without saying a word.  So, indulge me for a moment, while I get sentimental and highlight some of the dogs of the Math-Twitter-Blogosphere and other comforting canines that have enriched our lives.


This is Smudge, Susan Russo’s precious mutt. As you can see, he’s attempting to master all of the ballet positions.


Here’s Affie, Ilana Horn’s dog, who stuck his tongue in the electric socket before this picture, apparently.

Both of Max Ray-Riek’s dogs are cover stars.  Recognize them from Powerful Problem Solving??


I didn’t think anyone integrated dog love into their lessons more than me until I met Meg Craig at Twitter Math Camp last year.  Her Corgi is such a fun part of much of her mathy-ness.

Elizabeth Statmore and her husband serve as a guardian family for Topper.  Look at that face!

Weezer, Kaja, and Frankie, Laurie Worthington’s lovies each have their own special treat bowls.

Sadie Estrella tells me that Sasha and Shotsy keep their yard mongoose free.


My brother and sister-in-laws dogs, Booger and Yoshi, are loving companions through a challenging few years.

Molly is my parents’ dog, and i remember picking her up from the farm when she was only 8 pounds.


Natalie Perez’s beagle mix, Bella,  has a howl that scares away bears from their yard.


My two little beagle creatures, Herbie and Stella, whose unconditional affection warms my heart every single day.


Here we are, every single morn

There is something so beautifully personal about the way we share our love for our furry friends.  Many of you know that part of my classroom display is my Dog Wall.  Just recently, I started seeing Facebook statuses of former students.  This dog wall allows me to connect with those students one more time and let them know that their pet has been more than just a photo on a removable wall.  I am able to let them know that the unconditional love their dog had for them will always grace my classroom wall and be part of the happiness that fills my room each day.

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